Ur Astrology

December 16, 2011

by The Great Mystic Beebs

Here’s the deal: Get yourself a 12 sided die and roll. Whatever Giant you get is your horoscope. Good luck!

Alph -
Having trouble with a question you just can’t find the answer to? Alph says to send it to Dear Beebs for advice! (This is all Alph. I’m a completely unbiased, professional journalist/psychic.)

Cosma –
Oh, are you there? I’m sorry I must have been spacing out. . . Hey, what is that shiny thing. . . .

Friendly –
Have you sent out your Glitchmas cards yet?

Grendaline -
Grendaline is always thirsty. Soothe the parched throats of fellow Glitchen by slipping some smoothies into a passerby’s rucksack.

Humbaba –
Time to get jiggy with some butterflies and piggies! Make up some new dance moves and get on the dance floor with a four or two legged friend.

Lem -
I’m sorry; I got lost on my way to this reading. I’ll get back to you after I consult with my astrological map.

Mab -
You’ve been tilling the soil long enough! Take a much needed break.

Pot -
Have a holly, jolly Glitchmas! You need to prepare some gifts for your friends and neighbors to spread the Glitchmas cheer!

Spriggan -
Spriggan is bumming me out with that serious face. Doesn’t he take my astrology column seriously?! >.>

Tii -
Does every prime number appear in the Euclid–Mullin sequence? If you can answer me that Tii will give me your fortune.

Zille -
Strong. Sturdy. Firm. Keep your resolve young Glitch!

Rook -
Okay, maybe it’s time to put the die away…

Merry Glitchmas everyone!

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