The Magnificent Towers of Ur

October 21, 2012

by cheese danish king

For my first tower review EVER I have decided to assemble my danish army for some ratings and start with some pretty well-known towers.  You may know them, you may not; either way they’re all pretty great towers and I have enjoyed them all very much in their unique ways. But they are all STUNNING, so my 3 towers are… Soupie‘s Motley’s, FyodorD‘s The House of Sin, and Bachjess‘ Civility Corner. As I started my journey I had no idea what was coming to me.

My first stop was Soupie’s Motley’s. I have to say her lobby really welcomes you, showing her collection of wonderful finds.  It felt like I just entered my imagination!  The tower is both kiddish and creepy.  She uses recreates themed rooms that make you feel like you’re really there.  She obviously put tons of blood, sweat, and credits into her tower!  I really enjoyed the 3rd floor (my favorite) because of its “makes you feel 3 again” vibe and it’s so warm and fluffy!



On the top floor she has what we all want, a balcony!  She arranged things so you feel like you’re looking at the stars, and wish you had some iced tea.  This tower obviously needs 4/5 cheese danishes as a rating!



When I went to my next tower, FyodorD’s tower, I was welcomed in an uncertain way.  I let that slide because I got turned into human stew!! I was overjoyed as I saw the wonderful tower. I slowly began to inch my way up his tower, enjoying many things, such as the RUN room which did not make me run but actually made me laugh.


Rook stew, anyone?


I can not explain how much fun I had at this tower not only because of its kid-like feel but because of all the thought and detail that went into this tower.  He obviously put a lot of time into this small tower to make it enjoyable for the visitors, and he asks for nothing in return but maybe an honorable mention to your friends (which you no doubt will do)!  I’ll always remember this tower because of his talent to make people laugh! This tower gets 5/5 cheese danishes!!

For my last stop I went to Bachjess’ tower, which is a great tower dedicated to a great group [Civility Group].  It has many fun and creative rooms, like the out-door camp and the nap cave where we have sleepovers all the time.



If Jess is there you’ll get a warm hug, a nice greeting, and lots of other stuff. You can also buy food for the group to raise money for parties and other activities!  This is such a warm tower from bottom to top and it has a lot of interactive stuff – you can even write a story! This tower has a warm hug for you anytime and there’s usually someone there to help you around! This tower is going to get 4/5 cheese danishes for its warm personality!

This wraps up this month’s tower review! Do you have an interesting tower or know of one? Contact me and it might just pop up in my review! Thanks for reading!!

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