The ImaginatUr’s Last Issue

December 6, 2012

by ennuienta

Well, frankly, this sucks.

When I put up the thread in the ImaginatUr group discussion for the 15th issue, I had no way of knowing that it would be the last.


And so begins the 13th age... snap by FyodorD


I haven’t been in the game very much for the past week.  I go in and just stand there, wondering what I should do.  I always had plenty to do before the announcement, but now when I go in the world, I just sort of wander around aimlessly, talk to a few people, then leave.

I thought this was a great forum thread.  Lots of good info and links there.  If you want to check out other games, this is a good group.

I have a few things to say about the staff…

I can’t believe Kip joined in issue 5 – it feels like he’s always been involved.  Kip has never missed an issue since then. He’s been instrumental in editing, proofreading, and helping to get articles posted. By the time the rest of us got off our butts to write something, he already had his articles written and ready to go long before.  When my brain was paralyzed with the realization that Glitch was closing, he got us all rounded up again to talk about the last issue.

Soupie started by writing some articles but quickly became the go-to gal for the beautiful classified ads she made for towers and groups.  We developed a friendship over collaborating for this little paper.  I found myself going to her more and more to ask what she thought about this and that and she always had an honest and well-thought-out opinion.  The banner for this last issue was her idea and she executed it brilliantly.

le beebs has been gone for awhile, but her enthusiasm in the beginning was what kept me going.  Dear Beebs was one of the best columns and I was always delighted by her answers.  Artilect and Varaeth were also instrumental in the beginning.  As representative for the Sandbox group, Artilect sent me Mission Reports to publish, even made it a mission to contribute!  Varaeth is a snap-taking and screen-shotting machine and contributed a lot of snaps and photos to accompany various stories.  RobMagus was with us in the very beginning and wrote our mission statement.  Lara submitted such sweet original comics.  Those were fun days!

Raevyn Grovemother contributed to many issues writing about what she knows best – gardens and homes!  And food!  And animals!  Grovemother’s Corner covered such a wide variety of topics and the way she writes is so warm and inviting.  MoM4.6 wrote some of the most entertaining articles.  The Bog Spa Adventures is probably my favorite article – so creative!  Cheese Danish King joined us for the last couple of issues with her amusing tower reviews.  FyodorD only contributed to one issue, but it was one of the most imaginative stories we’ve ever published.

Miss Portinari innocently published a horoscope on the general forum one day and found herself near-stalked by a couple of us to join and write tarot readings.  She graciously agreed, and the Tarotscope was born.  She has been a regular contributor since then and we are so grateful she wasn’t totally creeped out by our gentle encouragement! :)  And Mocha Maid came up with the brilliant idea of actually creating the cards that go with – I am so sad that I’ll never have a full deck.

Did you ever wonder who Inari Deeps Throat was?  Inari was the one who slipped me the scoops about the foxes and toast (whatever happened to that??) and despite telling me she “couldn’t write,” ended up contributing this hilarious article about the moving box.  Working on those “breaking news” articles was the best fun and I’m grateful that she shared her info with me!  And who was it?  None other than ping. :)

Thanks to everyone who contributed articles, snaps, and ideas.  I appreciated those contributions so much and was always thrilled when someone emailed me or sent me an IM to talk about ideas for the paper.  Thanks to all the Glitchen that agreed to be interviewed.  Most of all, thanks to everyone who read the ImaginatUr and left comments and words of encouragement.  I will miss working on this so so very much.  I will miss seeing you all in the game.  I don’t know what direction will take now, if any.  I do plan on leaving it all up for a very long time.


Lovingly stitched together and edited by Soupie!


I wonder what the Glitchen in the first half of the word were having, and why they didn’t share with the back half…. :)

Lastly – thank you to Tiny Speck, of course.  Without you, the ImaginatUr would have never been imagined.




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