The Great Candy Swap of Fever, Year 18

October 30, 2011

By ennuienta

I was spending a quiet Hairday afternoon in my garden when a friend mentioned that there was a candy-swapping party in Somewhat Sump.  Eager to get started on the new badges, I hopped on the subway and rode the train with anticipation.

I had no idea what I was about to walk into.

Upon leaving the subway station, I was immediately surrounded by what seemed like hundreds of half-rendered Glitchens.  As my RAM nearly buckled under the strain it had just been put under, I noticed that my backpack was filling up with birch candy!

I quickly started doling out the candy as it was coming in and in no time I had acquired the first badge.

There were quite a few interesting snippets of conversation…

The silly:

Poopooplatta:  candyup!

SpookyPanda:  i’m here for the candy!

Slyvyrthorn:  lol i am giving it way as fast as i get it

Gizgazzuz Guziz:  the yoga frog took my candy!

Bella Le Strange:  keep passing guys! you eat even ONE piece and we’ll all know!

noe:  this is really testing my accuracy and stamina lol

Slyvyrthorn:  so i think the candy is like fruit cake we all keep passing around the same one

Ferozstein:  It amuses me that the staff guy who posted about the achievements on the forum wrote that we probably won’t be getting all of them in one zilloween



The Forlorn:

Mr LaserExplosion:  I’m out o’ candy!

Humboldt:  i dont know if this is fun or not

Ahye:  think I need a break. got the 257 one. the thought of sitting here for another two hundred some is mind boggling

Zatnosk:  talk about grinding for achievements.

Kyleri:  Holy crap, I am so done, love you guys, but I’m outta here.

Aloisius:  ack just gave a ton of candy to one person by accident :(

L0relei:  oops gave whole sack of candy


The thoughtful:

Csophae:  this party really needs to be under a grocery vendor XD

Brigitte:  Get a candy, give a candy!

Pomegrandy:  There should be a badge for being in a room with 200+ people


 The Triumphant:

Glitch E:  Oh, thank the giants! I got my 499!

Brigitte:  OK Here come 20 more candies…!


The apologetic:

Trekkie Gal:  Pardon me.  Excuse me.  Pardon me.  Sorry.


The improbable:

anacronismo:  My teeth are going to fall out


And the photo:

ennuienta:  Group photo!!!  Everyone say CHEESE!



2 Responses to The Great Candy Swap of Fever, Year 18

  1. Cithra on October 31, 2011 at 06:56

    You have captured the atmosphere of excitement quite well! Myself, I was wandering the area, looking at real estate (finally settled on a nice little place over in Nia Sra later) and I heard the commotion the minute I stepped onto Somewhat Sump. As I came closer, a seething mass of Glitchen appeared, and the cries of ‘Candy!” became clearer. Someone handed me a birch candy, then another, then a High Sucrose Corn Square, and something that looked like a brownie but had an odd odor to it. In a few moments I was in the center of a swarm of giving and receiving. The fever pitch left me too breathless to talk! so I nodded my thank yous and did my best to reciprocate. I think I must have fainted – everything began to move very slowly, then went black. I woke up safe and sound a few hours later under a pile of candy wrappers. Happy Zilloween!

  2. The Dying Game | The Glitchen Imaginatur on November 6, 2011 at 13:22

    [...] a well-timed jump to their deaths off the top of its heights. Not so much chit-chat as the crazy Candy Swap, though – this time there is a strangely silent and focused [...]

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