The Amazing Race – Glitch Edition

March 22, 2012


By ennuienta

Have you ever seen The Amazing Race on CBS?  It’s a reality game where groups of 2 compete for a million dollars.  They have to solve riddles, complete quests and perform challenges in order to get clues to the next riddle, quest, or challenge.  The last duo to get to the check-in spot for that leg is eliminated.  The group that comes in first during the very last leg wins the money!

Soupie and my iron lung have adapted this game for Glitch!  I interviewed Soupie and she gave me the goods on some behind-the-scenes goings-on:

How’d you come up with the idea to have an Ur Amazing Race?

It all started when myironlung suggested we organize a scavenger hunt in-game.  I knew that scavenger hunts have already been done and I’m always afraid that, if I leave items around Ur, people will pick them up before the players get to them.  We were trying to think of a way to have some sort of hunt that involved a lot of travel.  Being a big fan of the real Amazing Race, I suggested it and myironlung immediately agreed, as she likes the show too!


The referees gather before the race. Note the costumes! Click to enlarge.


How did the first race go?  Who won?  Were there any hiccups?

The first race went great!  We had less participation that initially planned, but that in no way deterred from the fun.  I threw in a last minute twist that even my referees didn’t know about.  In chat, I let the racers know that somewhere in Ur was Dick Dastardly.  Dick was holding an item they may find beneficial during the race.  They had to make a choice: should they take the time to go out of their way for this item not knowing what it was or how beneficial it might be? In the end, a few players did.  Some were glad they did, others not.  It was a classic fork in the road decision.
We had a few hiccups, for sure.  Because we were low on staff, myironlung actually had to be referee for two checkpoints.  As a result, we reached a point in the game where she had to leave the clues behind to go to the next location.  Since some players were getting through the game much faster than others, this meant that there were several people who, instead of checking in with the referee, had to just pick up a clue.  We’re hoping to avoid that situation during the next race by having more staff.  In the end, the winner was AwesomeCardinal2000, who got a whopping prize package worth 100k currants!  We wrapped up the race with a party on Toxic Moon where winners were announced, food was served, and prizes were given for games of charades.


The wrap-up party on Toxic Moon, courtesy of Soupie. Click to enlarge.


Will there be anything different about the 2nd race based on what you learned during the first race?

The clues and items required will definitely be more challenging, as people now have an idea what to expect and we don’t want them to come with their bags stuffed full of items :)  One of the major changes, because of the new housing system, is the addition of the “public streets” rule.  All players must remain on public streets at all times.  They cannot go to their house, a friend’s house, a secret place, etc.  This allows an even playing field since some people may have stockpiles of items at home while others don’t.  Finally, we will be instituting a checkpoint cutoff time.  While we’re happy to wait for the stragglers, we had a couple of people quit mid-game and not tell us!  In the future, we will have a set time when we announce “checkpoint #1 has been closed”.  This will be a way to not only allow staff to move on but also serve as an “elimination”, if you will, similar to the real game.

What’s an example of a clue?

The first clue for the last race was:
Go to the place where Friendly resides. Hand Soupie a full stack of Hot Pepper Spice.
Upon this gift she’ll give unto you: The super secret Clue #2

We gave the clue in the group chat and the players, who were starting from wherever they happen to be in Ur, had to solve the riddle as far as where they needed to go.  I, being the referee at the first checkpoint, anxiously awaited their arrival at Uncle Friendly’s Store. When they got there, they handed me a stack of Hot Pepper and I handed them the clue directing them to the next checkpoint.  For anyone having trouble solving the first clue and finding me, I gave periodic hints in the group chat.


You can find a recent forum post asking for staff here, and you can find the Amazing Race Glitch Edition group here.

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  1. serenitycat on April 21, 2012 at 08:11

    awesome ;) I had such fun being a ref ;)

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