Tarotscope for Fever 25

October 21, 2012



Year 25 is attributed to both Hairball and Rubeweed. Rubeweed represents the emotional side of a Glitch's psyche, in contrast to Hairball which suggests the intellectual faculties. There is often a tension between these two modes of perception: the way you feel about a situation may be at odds with your rational assessment. Balancing competing desires may require you to dismantle some long-held (but ultimately toxic) beliefs.

[Mocha Maid had the excellent idea to draw the Glitch Tarot. After working with Miss Portinari, she came up with drawings for 2 cards! Two of Planks, and The Fool. Great job Mocha Maid and thank you for coming up with a fantastic idea!! --ennuienta]

The Frogs: 1st of Fever @ 8am – 25th of Fever @ 11:59pm
Two of Planks – Dominion
Happy Birthday Frogs! The Sign of the Frogs takes place after the first rush of spring planting is over, and we settle into the long month of Fever. The summer beckons, yet I would not advise you to relax, for this will be a year of immense creative opportunity. It would be a good time to redouble your efforts and put some real energy into those ideas you’ve been toying with. (But the concept of doubling is a natural one for the Frogs, the sign of the twins. Frogs are many in number, and yet through communication they work together as one focused unit.)

The Crab: 26th of Fever @ 12am – 51st of Fever @ 3:59pm
Five of Quills – Defeat
Sensitive Crabs will be especially vulnerable to conflicts this season. This card is ruled by Rubeweed, and represents the potential for sentimentality to interfere with good judgement. Quite often it predicts institutional corruption (perhaps signifying an upcoming run-in with some bureaucrocs or a smuggler). Additional tributes to Spriggan may be one way to help balance out these bad vibes; be steady like a tree despite your feelings, and don’t hesitate to poison and replant if necessary.

The Yeti: 51th of Fever @ 4pm – 5th of Junuary @ 7:59am
Queen of Planks
Ideas are born in a flash, but it takes more than imagination to build a tower. After inspiration comes work, and the Queen of Planks represents the persistence and commitment required to nurture creative impulses into reality. She also possesses the power of creative reflection – the ability to take a critical second look at a project before jumping in. Focus on your long-term goals rather than new excitements, and be sure to keep plenty of drinks around.

The Batterfly: 5th of Junuary @ 8am – 11th of Septa @ 11:59pm
VIII. Adjustment
Batterflies prefer the seclusion of their own caves, and yet there are times when it is necessary to emerge from the comfort and safety of the darkness to engage with the outside world. Sometimes it is conflict that demands your attention, and sometimes a happier event such as a business partnership or collaborative quest. Either way, you may find your original plans have been put on hold until while this plays itself out. Stay mentally balanced and don’t let a passionate argument cloud your judgement. Batterflies have an important relationship with Tii, and now would be an excellent time to invoke (his/her) powers of rationality and knowledge.

The Chick: 12th of Septa @ 12am – 24th of Remember @ 3:59pm
XIX. The Sun
It’s no surprise that The Sun is the Trump associated with Yellow Crumb – the herb of sunshine and daylight. Life in Ur is ever-changing, and each new day brings the promise of adventure and the chance to learn new things. A chicken never sits still, but moves continuously from perch to perch, taking advantage of a new viewpoint every time. It’s possible to learn from every experience, and those imagined under the Sign of the Chick often have a knack for adapting traditional wisdom to modern situations. Don’t be hampered by old superstitions, but keep alive the light of reason given to us by the ancients.

The Squid: 24th of Remember @ 4pm – 8th of Widdershins @ 7:59am
X. Fortune
Fortune is a Spinning Wheel – one moment riches, the next beans, constantly cycling. (the herb Silvertongue is attributed to this card, and the shape of the flower itself suggests the spokes of a wheel.) We experience many cycles in our lives: awake/asleep, online/offline, buying/selling, and as Glitchen we may go through several cycles of life and death in a single day! The basic meaning of this card is change, a reminder that all things come and go. But there is another important meaning inherent in the symbol of the wheel, and that is the fact that the axle does not move. The centre remains fixed; the eye of the storm is a place of calm. For Squids, this is an undeniable reference to the Journey of the Inner Mind, and it might be helpful to make a pilgrimage to revisit this quest soon.

The Firefly: 8th of Widdershins @ 8am – 33rd of Widdershins @ 11:59pm
King of Quoins
Transforming energy into wealth is the main ambition of the King of Quoins, and this card often signifies the type of Glitch who enjoys amassing large collections of resources and valuable items. They usually put a great deal of thought into optimizing their efforts, and in many cases they are badgers as well as collectors. Such goals seem practical enough, but there is definitely a tendency to get carried away, to have a compulsive need for every new toy. The work may become repetitive and tedious. Fortunately, those imagined under the Sign of the Firefly are highly creative, and should be able to find new ways to bring excitement and adventure to their work. When all else fails, a firefly can always fly away to find a new dream.

The Sloth: 34th of Widdershins @ 12am – Recurse @ 3:59pm
Six of Quoins – Success
This is an excellent card, for the Sloth is an Earth Sign, sympathetic to the suit of Quoins and in a perfect position to take advantage of this positive energy. It is also a good card in the context of this particular year, since it represents a harmony between Earth and Sky. Six is a number of balance, and is associated with Yellow Crumb and the Sun; but the card is ruled by Purple, the fastest herb, the herb of visions and the Moon. The suggestion seems to be that success is a dynamic balance requiring tireless work to maintain. In the end it may only be temporary, as fleeting as a purple journey, but fun while it lasts.

The Butterfly: 1st of Recurse @ 4pm – 26th of Primuary @ 7:59pm
O. The Fool
The butterfly is a creature of air, and the Fool is the Trump of Air; accordingly, a butterfly appears on the card as one of his heralds. Butterflies are wild and free, as is the Fool himself. He represents divine inspiration, and his number is 0 because such impulses often appear out of nowhere, without warning. He is the number before all other numbers, an unbroken symbol of unity. The consciousness of the Fool harbours no dissonance – for him there is no division between thoughts and feelings, they are simply two aspects of an integrated whole. There is no male or female, no Right Brain or Left Brain. He represents a time of innocence, before we started to categorize and label things. Abandon all preconceptions, avoid reality tunnels, and just be free, Butterfly – it’s your natural state, after all.


The Salmon/The Ghost: 26th of Primuary @ 8pm – 19th of Bruise @ 11:59pm
Ace of Quoins
Quoins have a tenuous existence – they are there and then they disappear, only to reappear again at some undefined point in the future. They have boundless potential, providing the energy we need to do and create everything. In this way, they represent the link between nothingness and existence, Spirit and Matter. Even an insubstantial ghost can influence the material world; how much more powerful are you, a living Glitch, with the ability to grow and shape the world you inhabit. Your dreams can be made reality, if you choose.

The Fox: 20th of Bruise @ 12am – 45th of Bruise @ 3:59pm
King of Drinks
The King of Drinks represents the fiery part of water – a difficult combination, as fire and water do not easily mix. He is a sociable fellow, but perhaps a bit too excitable for his own good; in this way he represents the tendency for drinks to make one agitated, aggressive, or just plain loud. Foxes should take care this season lest their boundless energy get them in trouble. Try to seek out places where drama is appropriate: wild celebrations where your high spirits will inspire others.

The Piggy: 45th of Bruise @ 4pm – 1st of Fever @ 7:59am
Princess of Quoins
The Sign of the Piggy, ruled by Rubeweed, is in an excellent astrological position this year, and the Princess of Quoins reinforces these good tidings. The Princess is the perfect complement to the Princely Piggy: hard-working, close to the Earth, warm and stable. And yet you should not make the mistake of thinking that you can understand her, for she is like a mountain that cannot be seen in its entirety. It’s not that she is irrational, but rather that she is responding to a more complicated set of circumstances than is apparent to you at the moment. Try to relax and trust your intuition.


*more information about the Signs of the Glitchian Zodiac can be found in this forum post, and in Miss Portinari’s Tower. Find your Glitch’s ImaginedDay here.


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