Strife on Wickdoon Mood

January 10, 2012

By Raevyn Grovemother

The ability to plant and remove trees of different types is a staple of Glitch’s ever-changing geography. What may one day be a street filled with bubbles, fruit, and beans equally may the next day be a bubble bonanza. Mutability is one of the basic aspects of Glitch.

Even in such a world, though, factions form. For weeks after the game’s launch the game forum sported threads about the spice tree wars in Ix, those wanting a variety of spice and gas trees clashing with those wanting to keep Ix the best place to find spice and spice alone. Though the advent of Potionmaking and new, player-made tree poison has reduced that to some extent, streets in Ix still occasionally feature gas plants.

Another tree war has, for the most part, recently come to a conclusion. This time, the tree type is wood and the place is a lonely sidestreet in Groddle Meadow, Wickdoon Mood. The street features lovely rolling hills, a shrine to Pot, a grocery vendor, and four tree plots. It is this last that has made it a center of controversy.


Jello tends to one of the wood trees on Wickdoon Mood


The Wood Tree Hippies (originally known as the Wickdoon Wood Preserve), was founded by the player Vermilion to provide a single, reliable place where a new player could find wood trees without having to use a third-party application. The group has recently clashed in the forums and in-game with a number of individuals, citing inappropriate actions from some of the group members, and excessive control of public resources

The two main voices in the conflict were Rook, who heads the Wood Tree Hippies, and flask, who became the spokesperson for the other side.

“Early in the conflict, particularly on the day I went in there to (apply Fertili)dust (to wood trees), I was splanked for not watering first and I was told that this group had taken over the street and decided that only wood trees were going to be grown there,” flask said. “They do a lot of work trying to make themselves look happy and cheerful, but they are about pushing people around, which is my objection to them. I have no vendetta against wood trees.”

According to Rook, Flask didn’t initially mention being harassed, only stated a dislike for mono-cultures.  Other players shared flask’s opinion about the street. Rook also emphasized that that proper actions were taken to curb harassment, and that there exists a post about proper conduct in the group’s forum. Additionally, Rook denies the claim that the group keeps patrols; there are many wood tree groups and supporters and statistically, it’s very likely that a pro-wood Glitch would be in Wickdoon Mood at any given time. Wood supporters go to Wickdoon to water, pet, harvest, and dust the trees, not to patrol:

“We wouldn’t have anything against a bean, bubble tree, etc preserve. We’re just a pro-wood group applied to a street. We are still maintaining Wickdoon Mood, leaving one tree non-wood. we don’t have set patrols or shifts.”

Eventually a truce was reached between the two groups, with the Wood Tree Hippies maintaining one non-wood tree on the street. Then Vermilion said he was contacted by other members who were not happy with the situation. He conducted a vote in which people also added their reasoning and he decided that keeping Wickdoon fully wood was representing what the group wanted.  Rook and other players in the group were promoted after Vermilion’s resignation.

“We were told that the wood group had taken a vote amongst themselves and had decided to keep it all wood because they liked it better that way,” flask said. “I still thought that it wasn’t the composition of the street, but the unpleasant thought that one group had taken it upon themselves to decide what’s best for all of us.”

Although that truce has failed, another now stands, with one non-wood tree on Wickdoon Mood along with three wood trees. Flask said she doesn’t visit the street much anymore.

“I simply don’t go in there anymore except to see if they’re still guarding and enforcing,” flask said. “Here’s my general rule: if I come into the game and find no evidence of patrolling at Wickdoon, I let all the wood trees be. If I see evidence of four wood trees and a patrol, I kill them until I can’t find any more to kill and then wait to see if there’s any improvement.”

Any maintenance of the trees on the street happens via the group’s chat channel in game, Rook said.

“We’re just normal people like the people who kill wood trees. If we hear about Wickdoon being trashed, then I guess someone will bring it up in chat and others may come whether or not help is needed, probably to harvest wood,” Rook said. “We have to ‘repair’ the street more (now). Well, we don’t have to but people do so and the (trees on the) street are more often replaced.”

A recent trip to Wickdoon Mood shows that the truce is being maintained.

Although Glitch presents very few means of conflict, human nature is well known to provide further. This is certainly not the first conflict over resources that we’ve seen and it’s unlikely to be the last.

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  1. PivotalDisorder on February 23, 2013 at 07:45

    I am happy this article was unbiased for either side of the argument :) I was a big part of the “drama” when flask began to take it seriously and formed a great friendship with her. It was sad to return to Glitch and see it had closed though :( wanted 4 Bean Tree’s in Wickdoon :P

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