Stack it up: low level foods find their usefulness

March 22, 2012


By Raevyn Grovemother

In my previous comparison of bog houses verses garden homes, I made an offhand comment that got me thinking. I said that you couldn’t just run around with only eggy scrambles to eat. My point was that at only 25 energy a pop, you would have to eat a lot of eggy scrambles to equal a single awesome stew. And while that 8-to-1 ratio isn’t really appealing when you have the option of eating awesome stew, maybe it has its place.

I started hunting through recipes and considered them not at their individual value, but instead at their value per stack. At lower levels especially, foods that have a high stack count, even coupled with a low individual amount of energy restored, can be useful. Producing your food for high stack energy rather than high individual energy means you’ll be taking up more bag space for food, which can prove to be a bad idea if you gather a lot at a time. But in early levels, one or two high-energy stacks will prove cost effective, since you won’t need as many to regain your full energy.

If you’re the gardening type, you probably have room in your crop rotation to sneak in some spare onions or spinach, or harvest a bit more from your local wildlife and trees, which can net you some pretty decent food.

First up, Spinach Salad. Doesn’t look like much at 18 energy each, but when you stack it to 40 that’s 720 energy from onions, spinach, and oranges. It’s always useful to have spinach around and if you’re making awesome stew for a profit, you already have onions. Not to mention there are many other recipes that use onions. A very versatile veggie.

Next, the much-maligned Eggy Scramble. I take it all back, you’re awesome! Eggy Scrambles stack to 40 and are worth 25 energy each. With just a few egg plants and butterflies, you’re rounding out at 1000 energy per stack. It’s nothing to sneeze at. And please, don’t sneeze on the eggs. That’s just gross!

Both of those recipes require higher levels of cooking, though. If you’re working your way through the cooking tree, take a look at the Cheezy Sammich. Another 40-stack food, the Cheezy Sammich comes with EZ Cooking and provides 920 energy per stack, again with no produce required.

Choice Cruddites are also part of the EZ Cooking repertoire, but these do require tomatoes, zucchini, and parsnips from your garden, along with mushrooms from the local grocery vendor. They give you 840 energy a stack.

Delving back into the higher end of the cooking skill tree, we come upon the Obvious Panini. Again, you don’t need any produce, just some spices for the secret sauce, and you get 1104 energy per stack.

Getting into the even more advanced cooking, we find Rich Tagine. Told you we’d see onions again! This time it’s onions paired with a rather large number of spices and a bunch of meat. If you aren’t using all your allspice for other things or selling it for profit, this is one item to put it into for your personal use, giving you stacks that run 1212 energy each.

Of course, the current ultimate food is Awesome Stew. Even stacked, this stuff is awesome, giving 2400 energy all in one go. At level 60, you have 2860 energy, meaning a full stack isn’t even a full energy bar, but it’s the closest we have. Awesome Stew requires four veggies, potatoes, cabbage, onions, and parsnips, along with saffron from allspice, and meat. At higher levels it’s the go-to food, good to eat and good to sell.

This brings up a topic that veers slightly off track, so please bear with me. But when the developers go about adding new foodstuffs, I do hope in the future they provide more than one “ultimate meal.” I’m happy to make, sell, and eat Awesome Stew, but it would be very cool if I had a choice in my 200-energy foods, maybe something that required only fruits and butterfly milk (ice cream sundae!). Instead of making and eating all the same thing, there would be a good reason to branch out, letting each Glitch decide what kind of resources they want to collect to make food.

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