Snaps Filters with a Twist

June 24, 2012


by Soupie

Recently, Tiny Speck introduced the filters feature to snaps.  As a result, standard in-game photos can be turned into a virtual work of art with the mere touch of a button.  The filters, which can be acquired via upgrade cards, run the gamut from black and white to a dither effect and everything in between.

In the spirit of these new photo tweaks, I decided to highlight some of my favorites in a way that really shows off the filter effect.  All of the below examples were taken in-game using the filter features and then turned/stretched/framed to really make those effects pop.

1.) Shift Filter (The purple photo is the original.  I made the most of the red/blue offset by placing red and blues over the photo separately.  As you can see, it results in a clear picture each time):


Click to Enlarge


2.) Chilliwack Filter (complete with Polaroid frame):


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3.) Holga Filter (inspiration for the back cover of my Glitchen autobiography):


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4.) Ancient Filter (of course this is a snap of one of my Glitchian ancestors outside her old homestead):


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5.) Piggy/Beryl/Fire Fly Filters (these three filters tie for “Best Filters to Use when Making a Faux Warhol Picture”):


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6.) Outline Filter (Good luck staying in the lines on this one!)


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Suffice to say that, no matter which filter you choose, this addition to the snaps feature has the potential to add a lot of fun to photo taking.

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