Snaps Chap 4

December 6, 2012

By Kip Konner

Greetings, my fellow Glitchen! I’m Kip Konner with this issue’s Snaps Chap!

So many wonderful new things have been released since my last Snaps Chap that I had a hard time narrowing the field this time. I wanted to include all the beautiful new regions but I didn’t want to bog you down with dozens of Snaps. Instead, I looked for a few that really stood out visually or really amused me.

This first Snap is by Post Impressionism. If you haven’t seen her Snaps before, this one is a good introduction. Most of Post’s Snaps are beautiful, professional-quality images using a variety of filters. This one was taken using the Chilliwack filter in Brhaspati Bay, in Jal, the new underwater region.

This Snap does an amazing job of capturing the overall feel of the new region. It’s soothing, calm, and mysterious. The Chilliwack filter tweaks the base photo just enough to make what could be a rather static image seem more vibrant, more mysterious, more magical. Love it! (Using it as my desktop!)

Our next image is a superb rendering of Pintura Prosa, the street accessed through the “Join the Club” quest.

This Snap, by Salix using the Holga filter, really captures the ethereal beauty of Pintura Prosa, with its standing jumbo lily pads and mystical floating lights. The Holga filter adds another level of mystery by removing the edges of the image so that it appears to float in the frame, like a hallucination or a memory of long ago. Bravo Salix! Her Snaps collection is also very impressive and well worth a peek.

My next selection didn’t come from a new region or feature any new items. Instead, I chose this one for its humor and for the labor and timing it took to get the shot.

Clareis took this shot with the Boost filter in Hell’s Bar. The caption reads: “Bar tenders are always good at keeping secrets….” I was amused by the caption and then looked closer and realized she had managed to jump into such a position that she appeared to be whispering in the Bartender’s ear. How many jumps did that shot require? Great timing on the keyboard and an hilarious Snap! Kudos to Clareis!

My last Snap was actually taken by a friend of mine, Piece of Serenity. It showed up in my Updates and I decided it was worthy of sharing with my readers. Among all the hundreds (already!) of shots taken in the new snowbound region Nottis, this one stands out as being not only well-composed but also poignant, even sad.

A lonely Glitch appears to have died in the middle of the amazing heart formation in Lotha Harte. Among the dozens of shots taken here of happy Glitchen playing and loving, this sad little image stood out to me. It’s beautifully centered, both the gravestone and the overall image, and it’s zoomed out enough to capture the whole formation, including the shooting star and the crescent moon. Lovely! Thank you, Piece!

As always, if you take a Snap that you’d like to have included in Snaps Chap, please email us with your Snap’s link:

Looking forward to your Snaps!

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