Seeds for the New Day

December 6, 2012


by Raevyn Grovemother

The other day a chunk of dullite told me (and when did ore get so mouthy?) that we are living in the 12th age of Ur. I missed quite a lot while I was gone!  My reasons for taking a break weren’t unique: I’d gotten a little bored and other games were coming out that I wanted to play. But I had planned to come back once Glitch went live again, try out everything the game had to offer.

What did you just say??

I’m very sad I’ll never get to do that.

New quests, new zones, new gathering types, and the potential for player-inspired recipes excited me. But so did the chance to come back and see old friends, meet new ones, and put pen to paper for the ImaginatUr again. All these things are part of Glitch to me. Not just the pretty pixels.

What the dullite told me struck me as funny because it said the first 11 ages each belonged to a different Giant and each was a colossal failure. So the 12th age was going to be different. The Giants would compete, each Imagining their best creations in an attempt to be the best. And they did. But what they never realized is that their imaginings are greater than the sum of their parts.

The 12th age is the Age of the Glitch.

We are the children of the Giants, but we have become their equals. We are as creative as Alph, as greedy as Mab, as stubborn as Zille, and as friendly as, well, Friendly.

Perhaps, my friends, the Giants are cleverer than us all. Because in Glitchen they have found a way to be preserved, revered, and remembered far beyond the end of this game.

The community that has built up around Glitch is tremendously funny, creative, supportive, and inviting. It is all the things we want the world to be. It is the legacy of the Giants.

Now it’s our turn to spread that wacky, unrepentantly joyous creativity throughout the rest of the world. Long live the Giants. Long live the Glitch.


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