Order of the Hallowed Rook

December 16, 2011

By Ur Associated Press (UAP)


Ever felt unsure of your place in the world, like you’re living in a dream?  So did Besara local Joseph Scoresby - until a life-or-death encounter with the Rook led him to found a new religion.

Scoresby says he was meditating under a cherry tree in Brunnan Bafflings, Alakol, when he realized life was a dream and suffering an essential aspect of the Glitchen experience.  Shockingly, Scoresby believes the Rook may be here to help.

“If all this is a dream – even a pleasant one – surely we owe it to our Giants and ourselves to try to wake up and witness the true nature of reality,” he said.

“The Rook are nightmarish creatures whose talons rend the very fabric of reality – but who hasn’t woken from a bad dream and felt a surge of relief to be awake in their own bed?”

“The Rook are the kick that we’ve all been looking for – even the Giants themselves,” he added.

For more information on the Order of the Hallowed Rook and outreach activities, visit their main group page.

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