Operation Go Fish Redux

March 22, 2012

by genbeeb & Kip Konner

This mission was originally reported by my fellow agent genbeeb on the 3rd of Candy, year 18. Although it’s a repeat of the mission I posted last issue, her performance was so striking that I felt it was worthy of sharing with our readers. Enjoy!

*           *           *

As I sat drinking a cup of tea and surveying the various monitors in Central Command, I noticed a disturbance of some sort in the ventilation system directly above me. Through the vent, I saw that a familiar figure was crouched in the main duct, fiddling with some rope. I decided to await developments.

A few moments later, as I sipped my tea and scanned the screens, my patience was rewarded by the sight of Agent Genbeeb tumbling out of the ceiling. She was humming the Mission Impossible theme.

She lowered herself to the floor and began to disengage herself from the nearly hopeless snarl she had made of her ropes.

“Agent Beebs, you can use the front door,” I said with some asperity.

“No, Sir,” she replied with crisp military diction. “That is not very secret-agenty, Sir!”

“I don’t think secret-agenty is a word, Agent Beebs.”

Agent Beebs seemed to have tangled herself further in her ropes. She grunted and struggled with the intractable mess until I called another agent over to cut her free.

“Thanks for the assist, Agent ******!”

She dusted herself off before standing to attention and saluting me.

“Agent Beebs reporting in on my most recent mission!” Her excitement was almost palpable. Frankly, so was mine!

Mission: Operation Go Fish

Objective: Place fish in the halls of Bureau of Administrative Affairs.

Date: 3rd of Candy, Year 18

Early this morning I went to the fish market on Middle Arbor and procured my salmon. However, before heading to Gregarious Grange, I thought it best to get photographic evidence. I had recently learned Snapshotting 1 but had not yet acquired a camera. I backtracked to the toy vendor on Hayden Seek Alley and purchased my first camera. After a few experimental shots of random sleeping Glitches, I headed straight to Gregarious Grange. I knew the place would be heavily guarded so I devised a brilliant plan to clear the building!

I dressed in disguise and entered the building shouting, “Money is falling from the sky in Ix!!!” The greedy BureauCrocs quickly filed out of the building with empty sacks in hand. As soon as the place was empty, I disabled the security cameras and placed exactly 100 salmon on the floor with a little note. As I was leaving, a single BureauCroc wandered in from the back offices. “Viva la revolución,” I yelled! Then, I released some laughing gas in the room before making my escape.

Agent Beebs then presented me with her photographic evidence.




As I examined the picture, I slowly began to laugh. Chuckles built up until eventually I was in a fit of laughter, holding my stomach with tears rolling down my cheeks. I heard the back door close. Agent Beebs had vanished.

Through the tears and guffaws I said to the other agents in the room, “She really needs to work on her entrances but her exits are spectacular!”

I slumped to the floor with my fellow agents, everyone laughing hysterically.

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