Operation Full Moon

December 16, 2011

By Kip Konner

Operation Full Moon: Place a Moon in the highest place on your favorite street.
Date: 3rd of Spork, year 19
Agent: Kip Konner

I must beg the forgiveness of our fearless leaders for not filing a report in many days. Since infiltrating the Greeters, my time has been almost completely consumed by my double-agent activities. It’s hard, working for both the Resistance AND the Establishment.

However, I recently found myself with some time on my hands and an itch to do something for our movement. I had collected this Mission the last time I was in the Lair, piling up teleport scripts and feeding livestock, and the time was ripe at last. My sense of anticipation soared–I had a perfect location in mind for the moon placement!

Leaving my home in Palsa Mosch, I went to my nearby safe house to disguise myself. The street was entirely unoccupied when I arrived (as usual). Despite that, I took a careful look around me before sliding cautiously in the door, plank drawn in case of intruders.

To my relief, the house was undisturbed: no one had discovered my hideaway yet. I moved quickly to the Cabinet and removed my stock of disguises.

For a Mission of this type, I knew I’d be traveling through busy, populated streets and I’d want to go as unnoticed as possible. I pawed through the pile of identities, looking for someone particularly insignificant.

Perfect! Blanda Dollface is the least noticeable of my secret identities: hairless, pale pink, with dolly button eyes and a simple pink sundress. She vanishes into the public scenery like a chameleon: nobody notices Blanda.

Stripping off my standard identity (face and hair joined my blinky shoes and ghost tanktop in the Cabinet), I donned the simple essentials of Blanda’s look, including a quick skintone change. The dolly button contacts hurt at first but I quickly grew accustomed.

Gathering my moon, I peeked out the door, checking for witnesses. No one was about, so I slipped out, closing the door quietly behind me. I assumed a casual “I’m-just-collecting-resources” attitude as I left the residential block of Palsa Mosch headed for the high street.

I ambled without obvious intent down the street, casually collecting as I went. A few barnacles here, a little peat there, some fruit in the next street. In this seemingly carefree manner, I made my desultory way from Palsa Mosch through Froughtful Fen, Lowland Slough, Estevan Meadows and Louise Pasture, squozing the occasional chicken and nibbling random piggies along the way.

Arriving in Ix, I was daunted by the large number of harvesters working the spice fields. How could I accomplish my Mission in full view of this mob?! Bearing the importance of the Mission in mind, however, I was able to plaster an amiable and vacant grin on my face and keep going. I began harvesting, working my way to Flipside. “Just another newbie-nobody, harvesting slowly because I lack skills. Nothing to see here.”

I was relieved that no outgoing Glitch interacted with me as I inched towards my goal.

Luckily, Flipside was nearly deserted when I arrived. I was able to slip unobserved up the stairs, through the tunnel, to the highpoint. I paused for a moment (squeezing a chicken) to scan the area: no one in sight. There, in that delightfully moon-like room, I dropped my moon, snapped a quick shot, and scampered away.

I got away just in time: a moment before I teleported out, I heard someone behind me shout “Hey, is this your moon?” Ignoring him and keeping my head down, I moved into hyperspace. I landed in Palsa Mosch with a smug grin, a sigh of relief, and a distinct feeling of satisfaction. Another Mission accomplished, helping to shovel back the tide of Rook depredations.

Alleged Accomplice Kipton Kipperley-Konner reporting.


(Click to enlarge) Courtesy of Kip Konner

(Operation Full Moon is one of the many missions you can complete thanks to The Sandbox.)

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  1. Kookaburra on December 24, 2011 at 18:07

    “Hey, is this your moon?” should go down in Glitch lore.

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