Next Life Tarotscope

December 6, 2012

By Miss Portinari
   with drawings by Mocha Maid



Year 26, attributed to The Magus and The Emperor, was to be a year of wild energy and creativity. Instead, it marks the end of the 12th Age of Ur, when we will all burn up the last of our resources and our pixelated bodies will return to the Giants.

We were always visitors it this magic world, each of us chose to incarnate (indigitate?!) in Ur, despite knowing that it could not last forever. The only real shock is how soon it will be over.

So why bother with fortune telling at this late hour? The answer is simple: as far as the Tarot is concerned, Death is not the end.

The card for Death – Trump XII – is attributed to the Sign of the Squid, the most mysterious of the Signs. The Squid only appears during the intense visions of the Jethimadh Tower Quest, as part of the journey into the Inner Mind. There are three distinct aspects of the quest, which correspond to three aspects of Death itself.

First of all, there is the most common face of Death – that of simple destruction, or abandonment to deimagination, which is seen in the vision of Area 42. The inhospitable environment, the rooked butterflies, and the cactus who wants it all to go away, these all suggest surrender to death. This is the Sting of the Squid, which in Earthland is the Scorpion.

The next vision is of the Outer Mind, a bending of reality, and a departure from the regular world. This is Death as Change, a shift in perception, and an adaptation to new circumstances. The Squid is flexible, he can shift his shape and teleport through space; in Earthland this flexibility is represented by the Serpent.

The final vision is of the Inner Mind. The Squid is nowhere to be seen, but is there in spirit – for this is the vision where you must become like the Squid and float over the problems below. This is the aspect of Death whereby the immortal Spirit is released from the physical body, symbolized in Earthland by the Eagle.

Through the process of Death, something is destroyed, something changes, and yet something remains untouched. Glitch and Ur as we know it will cease to exist. We will all move onto other adventures, other experiences, and adapt ourselves to new worlds. But after all of this, something will remain unchanged. The friends we met, the experiences we had, the Glitchen we became – those will stay with us.

There are some proclaiming that this was, in fact, the Age of the Rook, and that the Rook has already won. But the Rook has not won, and will not win: its goal was to destroy imagination, and that will only happen after every one of us gives up on imagining.

The Fox: 20th of Bruise @ 12am – 45th of Bruise @ 3:59pm
Five of Drinks – Disappointment
The Sign of the Fox is the first in the cycle of the Zodiac, herald of Spring, and this card certainly captures the mood of the season. The suit of Drinks is normally calm and comfortable, but the Five represents a breakdown of this tranquility. Strong emotions and frustration may disturb your enjoyment. But the card is ruled by Gandlevery, which also rules the Fox – burning energy is in your nature. All of this chaos is an opportunity for growth. The key is balance: steady the flame and you will be able to regain your composure.

The Piggy: 45th of Bruise @ 4pm – 1st of Fever @ 7:59am
Eight of Quills – Interference
Oh Piggy, what will you do with the ground disappearing beneath you? So many thoughts, and they’re all jumbled up against each other. This will be a bad time to get things done – with so much going on, your efforts are bound to be frustrated by unforseen circumstances. Conserve your strength, and don’t allow others to take advantage of your good nature.

The Frogs: 1st of Fever @ 8am – 25th of Fever @ 11:59pm
Nine of Quills – Cruelty
This card represents the darker side of the intellect, when thoughts are disconnected from reality and no empathy is shown. Your mind may be a poisonous place these days, and the longer you stay inside your mind the worse it will get. Artistic expression is one way to remedy this vicious cycle of negativity, simple acceptance is another.

The Crab: 26th of Fever @ 12am – 51st of Fever @ 3:59pm
Prince of Swords
Thoughts are like Cosma’s butterflies – they go anywhere they please and are difficult to control. Now is an excellent time to try new things, be flexible, but beware of distractions and time-wasters. The mind is very good at making up convincing reasons to procrastinate.

II. The Priestess - by Mocha Maid

The Yeti: 51th of Fever @ 4pm – 5th of Junuary @ 7:59am
II. The Priestess
The Priestess is an especially important card in relation to the Sign of the Yeti; she represents a complementary feminine force to the Yeti’s very masculine strength. The Ancients commonly associated Esquibeth with this card, in consideration of her extremely divine nature. She is the angel who reminds you to live only for your highest ideals, and to focus your immense creative energy on joy and beauty and love.

The Batterfly: 5th of Junuary @ 8am – 11th of Septa @ 11:59pm
Queen of Wands
These are sad times, but it will simply not do to fall prey to melancholy. Better to come out of the cave for a little while and be sociable – it will help to restore your vitality and imagination. You may run into drama, but even that can have creative potential.

VI. The Lovers - by Mocha Maid

The Chick: 12th of Septa @ 12am – 24th of Remember @ 3:59pm
VI. The Lovers
This card shows a marriage, a union, where everything exists in pairs, and each symbol is balanced by its opposite. It often represents divine forms of communication, such as oracles, visions, and deep intuition – this is seen in the figures of Gwendolyn and Helga who float up in the clouds. Gwendolyn is a gentle ghost who tells stories, and Helga is a surly seller of booze – in both cases they provide an opportunity to commune with “spirits”! Banish your negative thoughts with meditation and drinks, and listen to the love in the air.

The Squid: 24th of Remember @ 4pm – 8th of Widdershins @ 7:59am
Seven of Planks – Valour
You can’t save everything, you but can keep the most important memories alive. Don’t get distracted by parties and socializing until you’ve archived everything that you really want. You will be able, as usual, to muster the strength you need, but will have to give yourself time to rest when this is over.

The Firefly: 8th of Widdershins @ 8am – 33rd of Widdershins @ 11:59pm
X. Fortune
Were you just getting comfortable again, and now the world is crumbling around you? Unfortunately this feeling is not going to go away any time soon, for it is our dreams and desires which keep the Wheel moving. Destruction brings opportunity for new creation, and to meet new friends. The eye of the storm is in your own heart – create peace there and you will weather the changes ahead.

The Sloth: 34th of Widdershins @ 12am – Recurse @ 3:59pm
XI. Lust
Lust is not a controlled passion, it is not a comfortable fireplace – rather it is a violent volcano eruption, a flaming smelter where metal gives up its form and melts with joy. Your creativity knows no bounds, and desires no restrictions. Seek out places where you are able to create and collaborate freely, and above all else, follow your heart.

The Butterfly: 1st of Recurse @ 4pm – 26th of Primuary @ 7:59pm
Eight of Quoins – Prudence
So much has happened, and so quickly, and now we’re nearing the end, a very heavy point in Ur history. This card is one of the last in the deck, and represents a retreat from action to a place of quiet stability. Here you will be able to digest and reflect on all that you’ve experienced, and will emerge a wiser Butterfly.

The Salmon/The Ghost: 26th of Primuary @ 8pm – 19th of Bruise @ 11:59pm
Two of Quoins – Change
The Sign of the Salmon/Ghost concludes the cycle of the Glitchian Zodiac, its mysterious and elusive nature contrasting perfectly with the bright energy of the Fox. Where the Fox’s card (Disappointment) certainly speaks to everyone’s initial reactions to End-of-World, this card is an even more appropriate end point for all of us. Change is the one certain thing in life, indeed life is only possible because living things are able to change and grow. This card is ruled by Silvertongue, which also rules the Sign of the Salmon/Ghost. Accordingly, this spells good luck for you, so long as you keep moving. Embrace the change, and use it to renew yourself.

*more information about the Signs of the Glitchian Zodiac can be found in this forum post, and in Miss Portinari’s Tower. Find your Glitch’s ImaginedDay here. Miss Portinari is also building a website which will persist after the forum and Tower are gone.

Traditional Astrological Symbols - compiled by Miss Portinari

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