Magnificent Towers of Ur

December 6, 2012


by cheese danish king

For my last tower review I’ll be showing you some great towers, only two this time because for the last one I’ll be explaining why I did this.

First we have Biofellis‘ Newbtopia, this tower has a great cause, he takes the proceeds he gets from it and helps newbies with whatever they may need but can’t afford.  But it’s also beautiful. It shows everything in the game (pretty much) and it’s very organized, but this tower isn’t just for newbies!  It’s for us old timers too – we can donate money, take a look and have some fun.



There might not be a lot of new stuff for level 60s to see but tons of fun seeing everything for level 1-10, you get to see a ton of key items in this wounderful game.  He has regular furniture, tools and much more.  So make a difference before you leave and drop by and donate!  This tower is diverse!   4/5 zombies




Next is Voluptua Sneezelips’ tower, “No Candy — Only Regret,”  it mostly is fairy tale based with beautiful scenery, she brings us back to when we pretended to be princesses but brings both a Glitch and adult twist to it.



We all remember when we were snuggling up to our mom watching the princess movies and watching the bad examples they set for us.  Her tower takes us back to that.  This tower is definitely a must-see which means 5/5 zombie heads!





Today I will explain why I did this, I did this because people made towers like nothing I thought they would, they made visions come true.  They where out of the ordinary, they had pizzazz. And I wanted to tell you about some of the best ones, about some of the most visionary things I’ve ever seen. Which is what this game is about after all – imagination!  I hope you all liked reading about these wonderful towers.

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