Looking Back

June 24, 2012

by everybody!

Here at the ImaginatUr we write articles that cover the gamut of happenings in Ur, but we never really write about things that happen inside the ImaginatUr. We have our own stories too! For issue 11 we’d like to share with you some stories of how we started, hi-jinx, touching moments, and even mundane experiences we have as journalists at large.


Kip Konner -

You know, I don’t actually remember exactly how I joined. Perhaps enni does. I think I may have seen a call for articles in the forum or at the Sandbox group. I had probably just written up a particularly juicy mission report for them and decided to contribute it here as well. Then, as the Chief liked my work, she asked me to write more and here we are. At least, I think we’re here. We may be somewhere else. ; )

On my first foray into the wilds of Ur, looking for my first “Glitch on the Go”, the first person I asked for an interview turned out to be with friends, somewhat scary friends. They thought I was pushing no-no powder and encroaching on their turf. They got intimidating and threatening while I tried to explain the innocence of my presence in their “hood.” Ultimately, I simply ran away, without getting that first interview.

To this day, I don’t know how much of that interaction was strictly jest on their part. Really, what’s the worst that could happen? A gang splanking [Eh-heh. He said 'gang splank.'] leading to death? But it was my first negative encounter of any kind in Ur: the shock kept me from thinking clearly and simply braving their boloney. Next time? Play their game right back at them: “Yeah, I’m in your hood, what’re ya gonna-do-aboud-it? I got my Glock combat plank right here, boi. I’ll take you and your little friends to the cleaners!”


Soupie -

My reason for joining is much less exciting.  I was checking out the group page to see how I could submit a classified for “The Amazing Race” and saw a post from ennuienta stating the following:

Anyone want to write about the new housing or the vote?  I might go beg for some writers on the general forum if no one here is interested in writing about it!

Staff was looking a bit short that issue, and I didn’t want ennuienta to have to go begging so I offered up my services for an article, made my classified graphic, and the rest is history.  I’m 3 issues in now and loving it!


Raevyn Grovemother -

I had been playing Glitch for a few weeks and was really loving it when I discovered the ImaginatUr. I saw the link to it on the forums for the current issue, and I headed over. I read about the Splank Club and Rook attacks and I wanted to be a part of it.

I’ve been a journalist (before becoming a stay-at-home-mom) for a long time, so I was excited. And the fact that ennuienta acts as our editor made it that much more of a professional outfit. She’s done a really fantastic job on each issue.

I think the most interesting and fun thing I’ve written for the ImaginatUr has been the article about the Wickdoon Mood Wood Trees. It was a piece that required some careful handling to keep from turning an already tense situation into something unpleasant. We were working on that story literally down to the last second. Together ennuienta and I cobbled together an article that I feel was pretty balanced and informative. I was just sad her name wasn’t on the byline, too. I love writing my gardening column, but the Wickdoon Mood story made me feel like a journalist again, and that was an exciting feeling.


MoM4.5 -

Actually, I don’t remember how I got involved. I remember I contacted ennuienta about asking for contributors for my e-zine. There was a spinning gold watch and then, somehow, I wrote an article. I believe ennuienta hypnotized me. Seriously.


Miss Portinari (our newest addition, who was cajoled [by several of us!] into doing the horoscopes!) -

I really did want to avoid the responsibility of a column, but you guys are just too nice… and persistent. :)


beebs -

I was a young Glitch still when I first saw this group. It didn’t even really have a name yet. I thought to myself, “Beebs, you need to get in on this. If you establish yourself in the early stages, you can boss all the interns around later. . . possibly even create your own intern army!” And so I did. It was more work then this lazy glitch was expecting, but it was never dull: scraping together articles every week (yeah, we published every week back then), brainstorming for the founding columns, consuming copious amounts of no-no just to make your deadline, wandering the streets of Ur saying, “EXTRY! EXTRY! Read all about it!” We were few but enthusiastic. Now I see all those who have latched their cart to our little paper and think, “Yeah, I am totes getting an intern army.”


ennuienta  (fondly known as “Chief”) -

Beebs, you can totally have an intern army. :)

I completely forgot that we published the first few issues weekly.  I think I was trying to follow in the footsteps of Ur Weekly.  If you can see that group’s discussions without having to join, you’ll see me being all, “Ok, let’s start this up again!  Let’s go!  Who’s with me!?” … with crickets chirping in response.

Let me back up a bit.  Three days after I started playing, I was perusing the forums.  A thread about “Ur Weekly” caught my eye.  They were asking for applicants.  It didn’t matter that the thread was already two months old.  I replied anyway.  I was already hopelessly in love with playing Glitch, and I do have a blog (/plug it’s been mentioned in the WSJ, Forbes Best of the Web, Newsweek, Nurseweek, Canadian Nurse, and I was interviewed for a piece Reader’s Digest did on nurses. /plug). I was too chicken to actually write a story about Glitch since it was all still so new, but I did want to be part of it, so I applied for Proofreader.

Someone did reply, but the editor of the paper didn’t.  I’d sent her a message in-game, I replied to the threads on the Ur Weekly group… no answer.  They’d only put out 1 or 2 issues.  I even personally hand-delivered written notes (Even though I had just learned how to use the mailbox, I wanted to be all personal about it) to the writers of Ur Weekly asking them if they wanted to join my newspaper group.  Not a single one answered.  Or maybe they were just creeped out that a strange Glitch found out where their house was and left a note.  Who knows?

I was still so enamored of the idea of starting a paper.  I don’t know why.  I have never done anything like this.  So I started another thread… to more crickets chirping.  I set up a group, and made a contest thread asking for potential names.  I am crap at naming things and coming up with titles.

That had a pretty good response.  I remember asking in group about potential names. Only beebs put forth any feedback.  I still love the name, and am grateful that MaryLilLamb suggested it.  My friend Tamashii still gives me hell for not picking his suggestion (“Ur News” I think.)

I have had a ball helping to produce this paper.  I have met some wonderful people.  I have seen some excellent writers come and go (I still miss Saralein – she was a great writer.)  I silently and secretly mourned the loss of beebs.  Oh, I know I put up a brave face for you guys, but …. :)




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