Issue 5

December 16, 2011

It’s our fifth issue, and the last one of the Earth year 2011.

In this epic edition, you’ll find stories and reporting about a local protest, an experiment gone wrong (including the undead aftermath), and everything you could ever want to know about those “strangers in your house” – the Icons.

We’ve also got some breaking news about everyone’s favorite wooden fool (OR IS HE??), a mission report from a Sandbox operative, a new Column called “GlUrbs,” more classifieds, and in case you haven’t yet found Glitchen religion, there’s even something in this issue for YOU!

Things are happening around Ur all the time – parties, contests, protests – We’d love for more people to contribute in order to truly make this a community newspaper.

As an incentive to contribute, we’re willing to put our currants where our mouth is.  If your story or photo is chosen for publication, you’ll see some good stuff in your mailbox!

If you contribute a photo without a story (most likely for GlUrbs), we’ll pay 500c.

If you contribute a story or article, we’ll pay 1000c.

If you make a graphic ad, we’ll pay 1000c. (Contact ennuienta or join the group to find out which ads we’re planning on doing for the next issue)

If you contribute a story with a photo, we’ll pay 1500c.

If you contribute original artwork (a comic, for example), we’ll pay a whole whopping 2000c.

… Not to mention being mentioned here on the issue highlights page or credited on photos used in GlUrbs.

We have proofreaders and editors, so even if you feel like you can’t write, go ahead and submit something anyway. We’ll gladly fix it up for you before it’s published.  We’re also looking for artists to make classified ads.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and ideas. Just send an e-mail to or join the Glitchen ImaginatUr group! There is no invitation required to join the group, and anyone can read the posts to see what we’re up to.

Grab a glass of bubble tea and have fun reading our fifth issue! Happy Glitchmas and have a safe and happy Root!!




Contributors to this issue (click on any Glitch to see their profile):

ennuienta genbeeb Kip Konner Louis Louisson Raevyn Grovemother

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