Issue 14 – Anniversary Issue!

October 21, 2012

I’m so!  excited!  to welcome you to the 1st anniversary edition of the Glitchen ImaginatUr!  We published our first issue one year ago.  Since the traditional gift for the 1st anniversary is paper, some writers actually hand-wrote all or part of our articles for this issue on paper.  Old skool, yo.

For this edition, Soupie hand-wrote her “Passing Notes” column.  Kip wrote a very compelling Victorian tale about one Miss Ivy Hibbledy-Pibbledy, Miss Portinari contributed a tarot reading with some new hand-drawn symbols, and Mocha Maid actually drew us 2 cards in the Glitch Tarot deck!  Cheese danish king also contributes her first write-up of 3 terrific towers you should visit as soon as glitchenly possible.

Then there’s my Better Homes & Glitchen article about secrets!  Not the usual kind of thing I write for BH&G, but it was fun to do.  We also have an article introducing you to the DesignUrs of Ur and an interview with an actual Glitch Train conductor.  And we are thrilled that FyodorD joins us for the first time with a very intriguing and entertaining story.  I daren’t say more, except this – read the warning at the beginning ;) .  If you are already a fan of Fyo’s, you’re in for a treat.

The ImaginatUr crew for this issue, with thanks to Soupie for the picture:

Huge thanks to Miss Portinari, Kip Konner, cheese danish king, Mocha MaidSoupie, and FyodorD for their contributions to this issue!

And a very hearty congratulations to Sequel, who won the banner contest!  As you can see, it’s beautiful.  We appreciated all of the submissions and were happy to have so many!  Sequel gets 100,000 currants and her banner stays up until we have the next contest.  Congrats, Sequel!!  Great job!

As part of the first anniversary celebration, we decided to have a little Paper Prize Party in the Plexus.  Soupie (who came up with the idea!) and I wrote out about 200 notes.  194 of them were duds, 6 were winners.  Then we papered up the Plexus and invited everyone to come and find the winning notes.  Much fun was had!  Some of the prizes were beads, party packs, cubimal boxes, icons, sno-cone stacks, and a magic rock cubi.

We had a LOT of fun arranging it and even more fun watching everyone look for prize notes.




A big thanks to everyone who has supported us and contributed and read our articles over the last year!  May there be many more.  :)  I’m grateful for my fellow contributors, who often come up with really creative ideas, help leave notes around and write their little hearts out.  That said, we need more!!  If you’d like to join the ImaginatUr, we’d love to have you.  It’s all very low-key and you aren’t required to submit something for every issue.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and ideas. Just send an e-mail to or join the Glitchen ImaginatUr group! There is no invitation required to join the group, and anyone can read the posts to see what we’re up to.  If you are in max groups, contact any member for an invite.


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  1. Arietty on October 21, 2012 at 15:54

    I had so much fun at the note competition and neat to see a photo of myself appearing in the ImaginatUR!

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