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December 16, 2011


By Raevyn Grovemother

Do you love the Giants? Have you sweated and toiled to make them Common Cruddites to sate their hungers? Then you probably have an emblem (or eleven) lying around somewhere. Contemplating, considering, or caressing this tangible proof of Giantly affection is definitely its own reward. However, there is a pious step above the emblem that both signifies your devotion to the Giants and gives even greater rewards.


Starting in October, Glitchen gained the ability to create these signs of reverence through the collection of many emblems. Upon gaining 11 emblems of one Giant, a new option appears on the emblems: Iconize. Using it replaces the emblems with an icon of that Giant.

The icons each picture their patron Giant, some in faded paint on wooden slats and others carved on stone. They are perfect for adorning the floor of their owner’s house, each providing benefits. While icons can be carried, if they are left in your home no one else can pick them up. They are completely tradable and if you set one down on the street, you’d best keep a close eye on it because anyone can pick it up!

Like emblems, icons give the user the ability to gain experience, energy, and mood on a daily basis. The amount of experience, energy, and mood increases as you level. Reflect, Revere, and Ruminate are the icon equivalents of Contemplate, Consider, and Caress and all give significantly more than a single emblem activation: hundreds of mood, energy, and experience. Food becomes less necessary and that mood-killing trip to Naraka is suddenly just a minor inconvenience with a few icons around.

In addition, each icon has a chance to give you Giant Love, a quick burst of experience, energy, or mood when you walk past. Sometimes it’s worth just wandering around your house with your icons!



However, icons also have a cost. A fifth option, Tithe, powers the miniature shrines via your donations of currants. Tithing grants a small amount of favor with the giant, though that amount decreases if you Tithe too often.

The cost, too, scales with level and can eventually become quite daunting. Keymo Machine sat down and collected data via posters in the forums and came up with the formula for how much is Tithed at each level. For Glitchen of levels 1-20, the Tithe is 121 currants. After that, the formula is more complex: 121+33(L-20) where L=level. So a level 30 Glitch would Tithe 451 currants per icon, a level 45 Glitch would Tithe 946 currants per icon, and a level 60 Glitch would Tithe 1,111 currants at each icon. With great advantage, you get the great cost.

Eventually, the icons begin asking for tithes, which can get annoying. Each Tithe primes the icon for about four actions, though time can degrade the number of actions, too. These actions aren’t per Glitch, so if you Tithe and only Reflect, your housemate can also Reflect and Revere the same icon without having to Tithe again.



While you’re weighing the cost verses the benefit of icons, how about tackling how difficult they are to get in the first place! Each emblem requires 1000 favor and increases by 100 favor each time you claim one from that Giant. That means that last emblem will cost 1900 favor per Giant, assuming you never spent any other emblems (and let’s all admit how unlikely that is and move on). That’s where the Glitch community has stepped up.

Two groups for emblem trading have evolved. The first, Emblem Trading, is a do-it-yourself kind of place, where players can trade emblems for other emblems, cubimals, or just currants (for the well-to-do Glitch). The in-game chat usually has several players looking for specific emblems in exchange for their excess or easily obtained emblems.

The second group, Emblem Trading, Icon Creation, takes a more unusual approach. Eleven players sign up, each with one emblem of each Giant. Then they send those icons to one of the administrators of the group, who Iconize all them emblems, and send one icon back to each of the players. So each round everyone gets an icon. The group boasts 24 rounds to date.

“It has been pretty popular so far,” said Epid, one of the admins. “It is much easier to obtain a full set of emblems early on, so people get to start enjoying a few icons before saving up all 11! After people get their first icon from the group, they are usually hooked until they have them all!”

Sending and receiving the emblems in the mail is the most logistically sound method of trading them for Epid and the other admins in the group, and the changes in the mail system made that easier.

“I’ve had to refine the process of collecting emblems from people a bit since I first started. Initially I preferred for people to bring me all 11 emblems in one bag that I would return after the round was over,” Epid said. “Returning bags to everyone turned out to be a bit difficult so I bought 11 bags and encourage people to mail me the emblems. As for repeat customers, most of the trading is done via repeat customers. Until they complete their collection, that is.”

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