Gnome Critic 2

March 22, 2012

by Kip Konner

Welcome to Gnome Critic! I’m your congenital host, Kip Konner!

The Gnome I chose to critique this issue is actually a small army of Gnomes.

Head on over to Mien Evoke Quarter to check this one out. You’ll see that the owner has meticulously placed over twenty Gnomes in front of his home and they all appear to have a message. Most of them seem to be taking part in a thoroughgoing dissection of the great question of whether the chicken or the egg came first. The rest appear to be analyzing other thought puzzles.

While I give bonus points for the amount of labor that went into this display (devising all the content, teaching that many Gnomes their various speeches, placing them so closely together, etc.), I have an issue: They are so close together that most of their messages are lost. I tried creeping up on them to trigger one at a time, but I found it impossible to read them all before the first ones I had set off were repeating themselves and blocking the later Gnomes’ messages.

The Gnomes’ initial impact (“OMGiants! It’s an army!”) is softened by the fact that, despite the amount of labor that went into this display, one can’t enjoy all of it. My recommendation? Keep the army but only teach a few of them to speak. This way, we keep the impressiveness of the display and make them all readable.

Have you seen a Gnome that really impressed you? Let us know about it. The more, the merrier! Email us with the Gnome’s location at:

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