Glitch on the Go 3

March 22, 2012

by Kip Konner

Greetings, on-the-go Glitchen! This is your roving reporter Kip Konner. For this edition of Glitch on the Go, I took a detour into the dark, roaming in gloomy Callopee. I met a pair of Glitchen mining together in Luump Yasa and found that they were willing to be interviewed for our humble publication.


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Flynn Flan Flim and I RunReal Fast were willing to chat with yours truly about their lives and to answer some pointed questions about their experience of Glitch.

Flynn and I Run, along with two other friends, have been playing online games together for 7 years! Glitch is their fifth game together. They said they always play together. Although they live in different states (I Run lives in Minnesota and Flynn lives in California), they have gone on vacations together and, after 7 years together, their relationship is strong enough that they’re considering marriage some day.

After snapping a shot with them in the mines, I dug right in with “which Group is your favorite and why?”

I RunReal Fast was quick to name the Party of the Month Club (218 members), stating it’s because he likes to “get together with all of our buddies.” Flynn simply loves lots of groups but always goes back to Glitch Strategy (5,732 members) and the Glitch Strategy Wiki because she depends on them “lots.” When she was new, she said, she needed their to help get around.

I next asked the pair how often they engage in participatory events such as Rook attacks, new street projects and so on. Flynn admitted that it depended on whether or not Global Chat was engaged, but that she’ll “participate in anything.” I Run stated: “I haven’t done much of that.” Instead, he has about five things that he does regularly and loves. Then they both went on to express a fondness for group mining in Ajaya Bliss.

Flynn: Lots of great friends in AB!

My final question for the couple was a bit more about real life: Had they created anything outside that was related to the game (blogs, crafts, art, literature, etc.)?

They both admitted that they hadn’t created anything material outside of Glitch except relationships. They are pleased to have met so many people from all over the world, people with amazing talents and crafts of their own.

We did a little mutual name-dropping and finished up our chat with a comparison of some our favorite player names. They were a lovely pair of Glitchen and I look forward to meeting them out there in Ur again.

Keep your eyes peeled for Kip Konner, Glitchizens! You could be the next Glitch on the Go!


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