Fashion Police

December 6, 2012


by cheese danish king

As the end comes we have the privilege to go out not only with style, but also sweet rides. But how the heck do you decide which one’s the best? I’ll never know but why not spend some time reading about them??  I mean you only have  to turn in that report to your boss……

AHHH! It’s a rook!! These outfits allow us to dress like the worst bird we know, they where only free for subscribers for a while but they are perfect! That same day, we got flapper dresses – we’ll be looking dapper for a while!!  Now that we may shake our booties and save streets from our own kind, everyone will be staring with envy!  Who wouldn’t what to leave the word like that? Well, what if I told you we got to go all steam punk on you??  Well, thats the word, those beautiful dresses, mechanic suits and much more!!

Now after that new feat we got trains, so now we can ride thorough dino-butts with our cool rides!  With our cool train coats (which we got a nice look at from stoot and other devs from snaps)!  That feat might have been some craziness but some of us believe it was worth it (like me) but do you?

Now as a gift from our still hard-working devs, we got  some other cool new rides along with tiaras, now you can be a cowboy princess riding a piggy corn into the sunset and burger cars that remind me of the unhappy McDonalds employees, anyway people just can’t get enough!  I mean who wouldn’t want to be one for Zilloween anyway?  Most devs gave us a sneak peek at this so we were all waiting for it!

Thanks to awesome sauce01 and Soupie for modeling the lovely new coats :)

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