Days on the Peak – ennuienta vs. The Smuggler

March 22, 2012

By ennuienta & Tamashii

As you know, I was able to find a few pages of my neighbor Tamashii’s missing journal in some rubble on Vicar’s Peak. His days sound pleasant and easy as he describes the various animals that keep him company in his quest for the Numismatizer badges.  The rest of the journal, however, continued to elude me although I confess it was never far from my mind.

So there I was, walking along in East Spice – gathering spice, collecting quoins, minding my own business, when a Smuggler appeared!  I have been approached by the Smuggler before, of course, and have even participated in smuggling activities (it should go without saying that this is between just you and I, dear Reader.)  The prize is just too good to pass up for some hurried scurrying through the streets of Ur, a few strategic jumpings and twistings here and there to avoid the Deimaginators.  Anyway, as I said, I was approached by a Smuggler and asked to take a package to Fjarcke.  I agreed at once and off I went.  As I hurriedly scurried along, I couldn’t help but notice that this package seemed different from the others.  It was rather small… and … book shaped?


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You can imagine my conundrum.  Surely it couldn’t be the very object I was seeking.  What were the chances?  Did I really want to investigate and risk the wrath of the Smugglers?  Had any Glitch ever opened a Smuggling Package before?  I’d never heard of such a thing happening.  It’s just not done.

My curiosity utterly overwhelmed my sense of duty to the Smugglers (and my desire for the prize!) and I tore off just a corner of the package to reveal the shiny white luster of Tamashii’s journal!!  I was asked to smuggle the very thing I had been searching for!  It was handed right to me!



While it was great that I finally had the entire journal now safely in hand, I had also created more than a few problems for myself.  If I kept this package, I’d obviously need to replace it with something.  Fortunately I had some “Your Papers” in my pack.  Once wrapped up again, it very closely resembled the original package.

Just as I finished tying the string, I heard the familiar <schwoop>… Oh no!  A Deimaginator straight ahead!  What did he know?  Did he see anything?  I vaulted over him with millimeters to spare and hurried down the street.

… Straight into a Zilloween candy party.

So in addition to smuggling contraband from the smugglers, I was being chased by a crazed lizard in a suit and candy was smacking me in the face left and right.  Arriving haggard and out of breath at the rendezvous point, I hastily handed over the package to the smuggler, pocketed my prize, and retreated to my home.


I was physically and emotionally spent and only took a few minutes to read the next entries.  I own a few butterflies, you see, and I didn’t want them to catch me with the journal.  I raised them by hand in my own home and had no reason to think they’re part of some nefarious butterfly network, but I was taking no chances.


Many days have passed since my last entry. Much has transpired in the altered state I find myself in, from time to time. It is akin to sleeping, but not. A curious existence, this. Wiggins appears to be in good health and Cobbleton has found his way back to the top as to continue his taunt for laying wait in front of the Mossystep door. 

Today finds a great many Glitchens passing through and it seems to be having an effect on poor Wiggins. I console him and give him assurances that these fellows mean no ill will towards him. By kismet, a passerby pets him and gives him a little something to eat. I worry for his peace of mind, but am confident in his safety. I fear I will be experiencing a long period of the altered state soon and am doing what I can in bolstering his spirits for my absence.



Wiggins is missing! Someone renamed Cobbleton and the butterfly’s name is ridiculous.

Wiggins is missing.



I am going to assume that Wiggins was taken from the Peak. It is too much to bear if he, in fact, has passed on—which I have serious doubts on that matter. Piggies of Ur are not near so frail. The butterflies (there are now multiple) have ever changing names and each are more absurd than the previous. The absence of Wiggins compelled me to venture off the Peak and return home for a short while. It’s been quite some time… I admit, this event has soured me greatly; my attitude…

By happenstance, I came into the possession of a scroll to the elusive 20th Floor of the Hakusan Heaps Towers. What a wondrous place! Despite the cruel nature of some Glitchens, I shall bestow nicely upon the Peak with scripts to this magical hideaway.



(So excerpted from Tamashii’s journal, Days on the Peak, for the days marked Bruise 13, 26 and 28, Year 19.)


So this is when Wiggins disappeared :(  What a sad event.  No wonder Tamashii was so distraught.

Where did Wiggins go?  Assumably my neighbor and friend went back to the peak – but where was he now?   I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the journal, now that I have it.  That it is now in my possession is between you and I, dear Reader…. right?

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