Passing Notes

Passing Notes: “Words Can’t Express” Edition

December 6, 2012
A view of uutif right after the announcement of closing.  Players left hundreds of notes and tributes to the game.

I have nothing to say except that I love you guys and I will miss this for more reasons than you could ever know.

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Passing Notes: 1 Year Anniversary Edition

October 21, 2012
Hehe. Tons of people name their chickens Hermione GRAINger.  Written by: Smoreso

I admit it.  The chance to use Photoshop is one of my favorite parts of working on this publication.  Nevertheless, there’s something to be said about good old fashioned pen and paper.  What can be said about it?  I don’t really know–but I’m sure there’s something to be said about it.

As this issue will be published on the 1 year anniversary of the first issue of the ImaginatUr

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Passing Notes

August 2, 2012
Submitted by Carl Projectorinski

Thanks for the submissions this month, all!  I love getting notes that you have found around Ur. If you don’t see your submission here, that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be in a future issue. Keep it up–you never know when I may feature a note you’ve passed along!

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Passing Notes: Apartment Edition

June 24, 2012
Passing Notes: Apartment Edition

Greetings, fellow Glitchen!  Welcome to the first edition of Passing Notes.

Throughout my travels, I often come across interesting, inspiring, funny, and touching notes.  This is my way of not only sharing some of my favorites, but also keeping a permanent record of this literary gold.

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