Days On The Peak

Days on the Peak

April 23, 2012
Days on the Peak

If you’ve been following along with our strange saga, you’re well aware that I am once again in possession of the journal.  The hoops I had to jump through to obtain it once again may eventually prove to be my undoing.

I’ve been pretty busy decorating my house and cultivating my yard.  I put the journal away where it can’t

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Days on the Peak – ennuienta vs. The Smuggler

March 22, 2012

As you know, I was able to find a few pages of my neighbor Tamashii’s missing journal in some rubble on Vicar’s Peak. His days sound pleasant and easy as he describes the various animals that keep him company in his quest for the Numismatizer badges.  The rest of the journal, however, continued to elude me although I confess it was never far from my mind.

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Days on the Peak – Journal Pages Found

February 14, 2012
Journal pages

We left the story last time after a gang of butterflies stole Tamashii’s journal from me.  I admit I had sort of given up looking for it, but as I was walking along my street recently, the message from my neighbor’s gnome made my heart sink…

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Days on the Peak

January 10, 2012
The Journal

One day as I was strolling past my neighbor Tamashii’s house, I noticed that his gnome had some news:

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