Bog Spa Adventures

May 23, 2012



by MoM4.5

According to Shimla Mirch butterflies, major wheeling and dealing is going on with the Froughtful Villa Apartments, Froughtful Arms Apartments, and Froughtful Manor, all abandoned since the Housing Update. Rumor has it they will be converted into a vacation spa resort utilizing the famous Shimla Mirch peat bogs.

This intrepid reporter was invited to take a first-hand look at what’s going on.

Shimla Mirch is one of Ur’s less visited coastal areas. Many Glitch leave Groddle Forest or Groddle Meadow and hurry through Shimla Mirch on their way elsewhere, without ever pausing to take in the scenery. I took the subway to Somewhat Sump, and enjoyed the short walk through the fabulous landscape lined with towering bottle trees and decorated with quaint native hand crafts.

Strolling through the visitor’s center in Ortolana, with its cheery, welcoming bog flames, I stopped to take in the awesome view of the Sea of Non-Specificity.



I had my first qualms about my adventure when I discovered Froughtful Fen Peat Resort and Bog Spa is clothing optional. But once I checked in and shed my attire, I found the warm boggy air more comfortable sans clothing.



I felt comfortable in the warm, friendly environment of the Lounge area.



However, during the evening mixer, I felt the staff might have been a bit too friendly.



The next morning, I went down to the Bog Spa where I was assigned my own certified bog therapist, Henny, who explained about the all Urganic materials used in the full body peat treatment.



After several hours soaking in peat, I was not happy with the results.



…and after the rinse things seemed much worse.



Needless to say, Froughtful Fen Peat Resort and Bog Spa will be hearing from my lawyer, Trisor.


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