Better Homes & Glitchen – Secrets Edition

October 21, 2012

by ennuienta


I know the usual format of BH&G is to show you amazing snaps of what other Glitchen have done with decorating their homes and towers.  This one is a little different.  This time I’m doing a tower review of sorts, but with a theme – note poles and secrets.  Two Glitchen have turned their towers into masterpieces of secrets!  And there are a great many note poles being used.

We’ll start with rach.the.emobear.  She came up with the fantastic idea of modeling her tower on Post Secret.  You can send GlitchMail to her with your secret and she will post it under her own name, so it’s anonymous.  Or, if you don’t even want her to know who wrote what secret, you can submit one anonymously!  There are two main floors of secrets but also a few other floors with themed secrets.  She says, “I started the project because I believe that being able to share your secrets is a very powerful and empowering thing, which is something I wanted to bring to Glitch. I am not sure if all of the secrets are true for the person who sent them but I am sure that all the secrets are true for someone-and that’s the important part.”


Lovely note poles! Some secrets even have items associated with them, which are located in SDB's above them.


Some secrets are pretty jarring.  I’ll leave you to discover them yourself, but my eyes definitely widened at a few.  She takes it another step farther – for her favorite secrets, she creates postcards for them!  Go to to take a look at the ones she’s done so far.  She says she plans to add to it as she gets more.


I know Cephaloplastica – our streets are linked on the museum route.  This tower is a museum of secrets as well, but with a different take – you leave your secret, with your own name on it – and it’s posted for you on a note pole.  If you don’t normally carry around paper and a quill, there are some provided.



The tower has other interesting floors, including a lovely firebog cafe and a room completely dedicated to a rare item that apparently tells no tales.  The other very neat thing about this tower is that it hosts a secret game!  Players are instructed not to tell – but I will admit that I didn’t even come close to finishing, although I tried!  Congrats to those who have completed the game!

Thus concludes this issue’s Better Homes & Glitchen.  Be well and decorate!


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