Be Fair! Return the Lair!

December 16, 2011

By genbeeb

Good old Sandboxxers are at it again!

There was an unanimous, outraged cry when the Sandbox’s beloved bug, The Lair, was fixed. The 20th floor of Hakusan Heaps Tower, a.k.a. The Lair, was a place only accessible through teleportation scripts. The only way to obtain these scripts were through Sandbox members. It was a place to distribute secret missions, re-stock supplies, and take the occasional afternoon nap. Developers carelessly fixed this bug with little knowledge of the response it would incur.

Sandboxxers were greeted with this message when they attempted to teleport to the 20th floor of Hakusan Heaps Tower:

It started with a petition.  Angered responses, begging pleas, and rationalizations were tossed about. There was discussion of a communal home, but keys can only be given to a maximum of 100 Glitches. What about the secret hidey holes found all over Ur? It was decided that the secret missions couldn’t be compromised by the random, adventurous wanderer. No, it had to be The Lair. With this realization, a protest was organized. Sandboxxers would don their polka dot hats and participate in a show of civil disobedience by camping out in front on Stoot Shrine.


At daybreak on the 44th of Bruise, Year 19 Glitches descended on that holy place of rhubarb pie. Even the chicken protested.


In a resounding choir the Sandboxxers chanted, ¨Be fair! Bring back the Lair! Give me an L! Give me an A! Give me an I! give me an R!¨ They formed Glitch trains to do the wave. But even with the most serious of intentions the protest quickly turned into a party were the purp and hooch did not run dry. Regardless of the quirky turn of events, the declarations and cries did not fall on deaf ears. Fun Provocateur Chilirlw entered into in-depth negotiations with developer Blanky who seemed to sympathize with the Sandbox’s predicament. She responded, “Let me think about this, a lot, today because I feel I understand what you need now, and I’ll get back to you later today or early tomorrow. You guys do awesome, awesome things.” Unfortunately, the 20th floor of Hakusan Heaps will never return, but with those last words from Blanky there is still hope that something will develop for the Sandboxxers. . . . . at least until group halls are introduced.For more pictures of the Stoot Shrine protest please visit: or you to Pearl and Varaeth for providing the pictures!



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