Hi!  Here’s some information on advertising on The Glitchen ImaginatUr:

You can advertise your group, service, or tower store on The ImaginatUr.  Condensed version of this info (tl;dr) is in bold below.

Groups and services always get a custom ad; those cost 20,000c.  That entire sum goes to the designer making your ad!  If you have a tower store, however, you have a choice.  You can either get a custom ad, or you can choose from a stock ad.  The designer will use a template and put together the ad for you based on what you have in your store.  Some examples are below.  Stock ads are 5,000c.

If you have your own graphic, you may email it to  The cost for advertising on the ImaginatUr  providing your own graphic is 4,000c.  The dimensions need to be exactly 180×180 px.

Please visit ennuienta’s tower to purchase ad space!  The ad sales boxes are on the 1st floor.  Purchase either a stock, custom, or graphic-provided ad note and leave it with enni the butler.  I will then contact you for further instructions (custom ad preferences, where you want the ad linked to, etc.)

tl;dr:  Stock ads are a one-time cost of 5,000c and are only for tower stores.  

Custom ads are a one-time cost of 20,000c and are for groups, services, and tower stores.  

If you have your own graphic (180×180 px please), the ad placement costs 4,000c (one time cost).  

Buy ad spots at ennuienta’s tower on the 1st floor.

The ad will stay up for as long as you want it to.  Periodically I’ll go through them and see if any are out-of-date.  If I think it is, I’ll send you in-game mail asking if you still want your ad.

Here are some examples of designer-made custom ads:



And here are some examples of stock ads:

Click to enlarge!


Please send ennuienta in-game mail for any questions!

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