A Tribute to Our Contributors

December 6, 2012

Compiled by Kip Konner

Over the past 15 issues, we have had the pleasure to work with a large number of artists and authors, Glitchen who have contributed their time, energy, and talents to making the ImaginatUr what it is today.  A few of them were willing to offer us profiles for your admiration. Enjoy!

Editor-in-Chief: ennuienta (aka Gina Rybolt)

I’ve already explained how The ImaginatUr came to be.  As editor-in-chief, I have been involved in every issue from the beginning.  I hoped to provide a place for Glitchen who like writing to write about whatever they liked…  and provide some entertainment to everyone in the process. I hope I achieved that.  I wrote the editorials and a column or two, proofread, copied, pasted, downloaded, uploaded, formatted, and kept most of it organized.  I think I even made an ad once or twice (sorry to the people who got those!).  I started Better Homes & Glitchen but always secretly hoped someone else would take it over for me!  I also did GlUrb and a few random articles.

When not channeling ennuienta and wishing I could pull off printer-unfriendly blue dreadlocks in real life, I am a hospice nurse.  I live in Silicon Valley with my husband and 2 kids.  I author the oldest nursing blog.  Writing codeblog is great and all, but the ImaginatUr was a true creative writing experience and I loved it.  I’m immensely proud of what I created with the other writers, and plan to leave it up for a very long time.



Columnist: Kip Konner (aka Billy Priest)

Kip came to the ImaginatUr as a secret agent, infiltrating for the Sandbox Group. Starting with his Operation Full Moon mission report in Issue 5, Kip has contributed to 10 out of our 15 total issues. Those contributions include his short-lived Gnome Critic column, several more Mission Reports, the Glitch on the Go interview series, and the Snaps Chap column. His most recent effort included the start of a Victorian romance/thriller set in Ur, called Ivy & the Rook. ["But Ivy is just getting started," he wailed when he heard the news of Glitch's closure.]

IRL, Billy is a retired hairstylist (20 years in the business was long enough) and apartment building manager who lives in San Francisco with his husband and dog. He has a blog that contains current work and his journals since the age of 15. He’s very proud of the work he was able to do for the ImaginatUr and inspired by it to continue writing.


Kip and Billy (yes, that’s a Focusing Orb tattoo).



Columnist/Designer: Soupie (aka Christine Campbell)

Soupie’s journey with The Glitchen ImaginatUr began with issue 8.  Prompted by a forum post looking for submissions, she covered topics such as the release of new housing and the mysteries of Ix.  Before long, her true love of graphic arts came to light and her contributions evolved from written articles to the creation of ads/site images and her beloved column, Passing Notes.

In her real life, Christine is a married mother of 2 dogs and 3 cats.  When she isn’t at her day job in call center management, she likes to fancy herself an artsy craftsy gal who watches all together too much reality TV.  Friends know her to have a bitingly sarcastic sense of humor with a foil of whimsy.  Whether it’s turning her wedding gown into a majestic butterfly costume or dressing in public like her Glitch character, this woman of ever-changing hair color is rarely predictable.



Raevyn Grovemother

Rae wanders Ur in search of new trees to pet and new plants to talk to. She just happened to bumble into the ImaginatUr office one day and decided to start writing about her adventures, too. Her writing has included the on-again off-again column Grovemother’s Corner and numerous articles where she convinced someone to stop playing the game long enough to talk to her about more serious stuff. That’s the hard part, actually, getting them to stop playing.



Columnist – Horoscope/Tarotscope: Miss Portinari

Miss Portinari ran away from her wealthy Italian family at the tender age of 14 to live on a golden submarine; it was here that she first began to study the ancient arts of Tarot and Astrology. While adventuring through Ur, she occasionally came across interesting notes, which sparked her creative desire to contribute some of her own writing. This led to the development of the Glitch Tarot and Zodiac, and her eventual recruitment by the wonderful staff of the ImaginatUr. Her most recent work, a series of fortunes based on the Glitch Tarot, can be seen at her new website.

Miss P.’s human counterpart is known as online as miahalf. Office gal by day, hippie by night, her passions include arts and crafts, gardening, and wandering through the forest. She lives in a tiny condo by Stanley Park with a magical tree-elf boyfriend who likes to cook bacon and mushrooms.


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