11 Things I Like About Glitch

June 24, 2012


Collated by genjibeat

Some staff favorites:

ennuienta -

1. Favorite Food: Sno Cones
2. Favorite Giant:  Alph
3. Favorite Street:  Tuntsa Coze
4. Favorite Cubimal:  firebog street spirit
5. Favorite Potion:  Door Drink
6. Favorite Alchemical Compound:  Mabon
7. Favorite Seam Street:  Autumn Lodge or Wintry Place
8. Favorite Furniture Upgrade:  bog fishbowl
9. Favorite Achievement:  Make a Crab Happy
10. Favorite Skill:  Arborology
11. Favorite holiday:  Root.  I wish I knew what it was!


Soupie -

1. Favorite Food: Awesome Stew
2. Favorite Giant: Friendly is my homeboy
3. Favorite Animal: Batterfly
4. Favorite Resource: Jellisac. I love that “schlurp” noise!
5. Favorite Street: Fern End
6. Favorite Herb: Rookswort
7. Favorite Potion: Ancestral Spirits
8. Favorite Tincture: Essence of Rubeweed
9. Favorite Toy: Emo Bear
10. Favorite Furniture Upgrade: Cherry Crabato Crab Cabinet
11. Favorite Skill: Teleportation V


beebs -

1. Favorite Food: Pickles
2. Favorite Music Block: DG-5 Yeehaw!!
3. Favorite Tool: Ace of Spades
4. Favorite Giant: Cosma
5. Favorite Animal: Crab
6. Favorite Cubimal: PIGS IN SPACE my piggy cubi
7. Favorite Spice: Old Spice
8. Favorite Alchemical Compound: Diabolic Acid
9. Favorite Seam Street: Umbra
10. Favorite Furniture Upgrade: Vintage Egg ][ Computer
11. Favorite Achievement: Master Overlord of the Spice Division


MoM4.5 -

1. Favorite Drink: Flaming Humbaba
2. Favorite Giant: Lem
3. Favorite Animal: Piggies
4. Favorite Street: Scribe’s Weald
5. Favorite Cubimal: emo bear
6. Favorite Spice: Licorice
7. Favorite Potion: Rainbow Juice
8. Favorite Powder: Sneezing Bean
9. Favorite Seam Street: Licorice
10. Favorite Toy: cubimal
11. Favorite Month: Eleventy


Raevyn Grovemother -

1. Favorite Street: Feman Falters
2. Favorite Herb: Silvertongue
3. Favorite Crop: Onion
4. Favorite Seam Street: A Summer’s Day
5. Favorite Animal: Butterfly
6. Favorite Potion: Rainbow Juice
7. Favorite Food: Divine Crepe
8. Favorite Spice: Cardamom
9. Favorite Toy: 12-sided Die
10. Favorite Bean: Egg Plant Bean
11. Favorite Drink: Too-berry Shake

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